Monday, 18 February 2013

Flippin' X!

Dannii graced the cover of Mail on Sunday's You magazine during the weekend. The story focuses on motherhood mostly but also some bits about her current projects. With the mini model judging Top model U.K this year you can't help but look with a critial eye at the shoot. Dannii is styled in creme coloured outfits (one particular stands out of her wearing a Halston Heritage maxi silk gown) but Dannii has a strained smile on which indicted that the photographer didn't connect with her model.
Article will be added as soon as it's available.

In Abu Dhabi the stunners smile was far more relaxed. The Etihad airways ambassador was hostess at a conference during the weekend where she & guests where being served a 9 course caviar dinner. X Factor is starting again in the middle east this year and Dannii found a fan who asked her to do the X sign which the telly diva was happy to do.

For her a2 milk ad she is showing her funny side goofing around even making flips thanks to the power of the milk. But is it really her? Check out the tube-site with a behind the scenes clip to get the answer.

Is she becoming a Swede? Here's, Dannii just showed support for the swedish clothing label H&M and their new recycling program.

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