Thursday, 20 December 2012

Britain's next top model

It's been announced that Dannii will be joining fellow Aussie & Supermodel Elle MacPherson as a judge on Britain & Ireland's next top model in 2013.

Fashion has always been a big part of Dannii's showbiz life. Lately she's been designing dresses and accessories together with Tabitha Somerset-webb for their joint label Project D London.

Now Dannii will continue with a new fashion project to help find a new supermodel. The pic attached to the press release is a dramatic very top model like photo. Dannii has done many photoshoot over the years and here's what she says about that:
I would never have been able to conquer my inhibitions, lack of skill and experience, and achieve these shots, had it not been for incredible crews of photographers, stylists, makeup artists, advertising executives, photo editors, magazine editors. All have played an incredible role in teaching me how to do my best.
Filming starts next year and will air on Sky living from July-Oct.

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